After releasing our 4 books Epís and Singles; Europe and Worldwide, the time has come for an update. Thanks to so many contributors worldwide, we were able to collect many new treasures and updates for our books. Because of the huge amount of information, it seems impossible to gather it all in 4 books or even in 10 books. Thatís why Azing and I decided to make a series of books from A to Z, called: a Beatles encyclopedia for singles and EPís. We will split up the books in approx. 34 volumes. We commit ourselves to release 4 books every year. The books will be published in a handy format and contain 70 to maximum 120 pages each book. Moreover, they have a hard cover and are printed in full colour.

The content of our books will certainly blow you away because it will contain so much detailed information and pictures of all labels, front and back sleeve variations, release dates, promoís, christmas flexi's, all the jukebox releases, records meant for publicity and rarities etc. Upon general request, it will also include a rarity index on all releases. The books show the countries in alphabetic order and are subdivided in chapters.
Book Volume 19 is devided in 6 chapters; Kenya singles, Lebanon singles and EP's, Mexico singles and EP's Musart, Mexico Capitol and Apple singles

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Our ninetheenth book will be released in august 2019 and will be available for ordering through this website from half July 2019. Our nineteenth book deals with releases from Kenya, Lebanon and Mexico part 1. We had the help of many collectors and dealers from different countries and experts Ricardo Calderon, Jos Bijnens, Joachim Noske, Gerlof Hoogeveen, Lewis Tyler and Gerhard Korte.
That way we succeeded in bringing you an absolute complete detailed illustrated discography from 1961 till the last release.

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Preview of our nineteenth book Volume 19 (Kenya Chapter 1 Beatles singles) Preview of our nineteenth book Volume 19 (Lebanon Chapter 2 Beatles singles)
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Preview of our nineteenth book Volume 19 (Mexico1 Chapter 3 Beatles singles Musart) Preview of our nineteenth book Volume 19 (Mexico1 Chapter 5 Beatles EP's Musart introduction)
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Preview of our nineteenth book Volume 18 (Mexico1 Chapter 5 Beatles EP's Musart) Preview of our nineteenth book Volume 19 (Mexico1 Chapter 6 Beatles singles Capitol)
Preview of our nineteenth book Volume 18 (Mexico1 Chapter 6 Beatles singles Apple)

We are very happy to announce that we work now with a new book printing company. That allows us to add more pages in 1 book, have a better quality and bigger pictures. All books still have the same high quality hard cover. Ask us for retail prices if you want to distribute our books in your shop or organization. These books will not be numbered and available as long as there is any request. More good news; the price of 25 euro each book stays the same. The books are not heavy and measure 17cm by 24,5cm (6.6 x 9.5 inches). This way we can reduce the shipping costs for sending the books over the world.



We did already lots of research on the 20th and 21st book with singles and EP's from Mexico2 and Mozambique and the luxury edition of The Netherlands which will be released in 2020. Keep an eye on our website for more info.

book cover book cover
COVER OF OUR TWENTIETH BOOK (First half of 2020) COVER OF OUR TWENTY-FIRST BOOK (First half of 2020)

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