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Not Fade Away
Little By Little
Decca FM 7-7060
Value: 300

Bye Bye Johnny / Money
You Better Move On / Poison Ivy
Decca DFE 8560
Value: 85

If You Need Me / Empty Heart / 2120 South Michigan Avenue
Around And Around / Confess I The Blues
Decca DFE 8590
Value: 85

Tell Me
I Just Want To Make Love To You
Decca FM 7-7094
Value: 200

Tell Me / It's All Over Now
Carol / Route 66
Decca DFE 7167
Value: 350

Little Red Rooster
Off The Hook
Decca FM 7-7115
Value: 200

The Last Time
Play With Fire
Decca FM 7-7134
Value: 280

The Last Time / Play With Fire
Under The Boardwalk / Little Red Rooster
Decca DFE 7168
Value: 400

We Want The Stones / Everybody Needs Somebody To Love / Pain In My Heart / Route 66
I'M Moving On / I'm Alright
Decca DFE 8620
Value: 300

The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man
Decca FM 7-7166
Value: 45

Get Off Of My Cloud
I'm Free
Decca FM 7-7189
Value: 200

Surprise Surprise / I'm Free
Get Off Of My Cloud / That's How Strong My Love Is
Decca DFE 6471
Value: 200

As Tears Go By
She Said Yeah
Decca FM 7-7199
Value: 140

19th Nervous Breakdown
Gotta Get Away
Decca FM 7211
Value: 115

Paint It Black
Long Long While
Decca FM 7234
Value: 200

Paint It Black / The Singer Not The Song
Mother's Little Helper / Under My Thumb
Decca DFE 7221
Value: 400

Blue Turns To Grey
The Singer Not The Song
Decca FM 7239
Value: 300

Have You Seen Your Mother Baby Standing In The Shadow
Who's Driving Your Plane
Decca FM 7275
Value: 145

Let's Spend The Night Together
Ruby Tuesday
Decca FM 7311
Value: 120

We Love You
Decca FM 7365
Value: 120

Jumpin' Jack Flash
Child Of The Moon
Decca FM 7405
Value: 150

Street Fighting Man
No Expectations
Decca FM 7418
Value: 150

Honky Tonk Women
You Can't Always Get What You Want
Decca FM 7440
Value: 220

Street Fighting Man / Surprise Surprise
Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
Decca FM 7511
Value: 125

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