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Have You Seen Your Mother Baby Standing In The Shadow

Decca F-0140
Value: 40
Dzuboks Magazine Flexi

Ruby Tuesday

Decca F-0262
Value: 40
Dzuboks Magazine Flexi

She's A Rainbow
2000 Light Years From Home
Decca Jugoton SDC-8148
Value: 60

Jumpin' Jack Flash
Child Of The Moon
Decca Jugoton SDC-8203
Value: 30

Street Fighting Man
No Expectations
Decca Jugoton SDC-8218
Value: 40

Honky Tonk Women
You Can't Always Get What You Want
Decca Jugoton SDC-8320
Value: 25

If You Need Me / Empty Heart / 2120 South Michigan Avenue
Around And Around / Confess I The Blues
Decca Jugoton EPDC-19001
Value: 35

Sad Day
You Can't Always Get What You Want
Decca Jugoton SDC-8677
Value: 40

I Don't Know Why
Try A Little Harder
Decca Jugoton SDC-88843
Value: 25

The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man
Decca Jugoton SDC-88890
Value: 30

Honky Tonk Women
Sympathy For The Devil
Decca Jugoton SDC-88898
Value: 25

Silver Train
Suzy RS 19105
Value: 20

It's Only Rock 'n' Roll
Through The Lonely Nights
Suzy RS 19114
Value: 30

Fool To Cry
Crazy Mama
Suzy COC 19121
Value: 25

Miss You
Faraway Eyes
EMI Jugoton SEMI 88973
Value: 15

Start Me Up
No Use In Crying
Jugoton Promotone SEMI 89025
Value: 15

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