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The Stooges (also known as Iggy and The Stooges) are an American rock band from Ann Arbor, Michigan first active from 1967 to 1974, and later reformed in 2003. Iggy Pop (born James Newell Osterberg) played drums in several Ann Arbor-area bands as a teenager, including The Iguanas and later The Prime Movers. Osterberg was first inspired to form the Stooges after meeting blues drummer Sam Lay during a visit to Chicago. He returned to Detroit with the idea that simply copying established blues performers was not enough – he wanted to create a whole new form of blues music. They nicknamed Osterberg "Pop" after a local character whom Osterberg resembled. Shortly after witnessing an MC5 concert in Ann Arbor, Osterberg began using the stage name Iggy Pop, a name that he has used ever since. The band's debut was at a Halloween concert at their house in State Street in 1967. They did not play live again until January 1968. During this early period, the Stooges were originally billed as the "Psychedelic Stooges". The Stooges soon gained a reputation for their wild, primitive live performances. Pop, especially, won fame for his outrageous onstage behaviour—smearing his bare chest with hamburger meat and peanut butter, cutting himself with shards of glass, and flashing his genitalia to the audience. Pop is also sometimes credited with the invention or popularization of stage diving. In 1968, the Stooges were signed by Elektra Records, who had sent a scout named Danny Fields to see the MC5. He wound up signing both acts. The following year, the band released their self-titled debut album, The Stooges, but it did not sell very well, nor was it well received by critics at the time. Legend has it that half of the album was written the night before the first session, which was produced by former Velvet Underground bassist John Cale. A second album, Fun House, followed in 1970, like the debut album, it was poorly received by both the general public and the critics. At this point, the Stooges, with the notable exception of Ron Asheton, had all become serious heroin users. The drug was introduced to the band by new manager John Adams. Their performances became even more unpredictable, and Pop often had trouble standing up on stage due to his extreme drug abuse. Elektra soon dropped the Stooges from its roster. With the band in limbo, Pop met David Bowie in September 1971, and the pair became good friends. Bowie, then at the height of his Ziggy Stardust-era fame, brought Pop and Williamson to the UK and got them a deal with Columbia Records. Their third album, the influential Raw Power (1973), would go on to become one of the cornerstones of early punk rock, although the album sold rather poorly. The Stooges disbanded in February 1974 as a result of Pop's ever-present heroin addiction and erratic behavior. After going through rehab, Pop embarked upon a successful solo career in 1976. In a May 2009 interview, Pop announced the band's plans to continue performing with James Williamson returning as guitarist. Pop stated that "although 'the Stooges' died with Ron Asheton, there is still 'Iggy and the Stooges'". Their first concert occurred on November 7, 2009, in São Paulo, Brazil. The band added material from Raw Power and several of Pop's early solo albums to its repertoire. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted the band through their Class of 2010.


A long list of members can be found here.


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Real Cool Time
Elektra Int. 80209
Value: 35 €

Not Right
Value: 10 €

Down On The Street
I Feel Alright (1970)
Elektra Int. 80252
Value: 40 €

Down On The Street
I Feel Alright (1970)
Elektra JET-2039 S
Value: 1600 €

I Wanna Be Your Dog
Vedette VRN 34101
Value: 250 €

Raw Power
Search And Destroy
CBS Sony SOPB-244
Value: 700 €

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